Stephen Cook Photography
Music has set the beat to my life for as long as I can remember. My father introduced me to jazz to save me from rock and roll, and it worked! I was hooked immediately. Entranced by the moan of a saxophone, the twang of a guitar, and toe tapping to syncopated drums; I enjoy the creative mystery of a live performance. Music in Motion is inspired by a jazz concert featuring three pianists. The speed and virtuosity of Joshua White, enhanced by the lighting, revealed his hands as just a blur on the keyboard. Evoking joy with a photograph is often a goal of my work and I could immediately see the blur of a musician’s hands in a photograph bring a smile to the viewer. I love music, especially live music. I respect, and yes envy, a musician’s ability to create music; sounds that are melodic, and rhythmic, and make you tap your foot and bob your head. Musicians have the envied privilege of warming the listener’s heart with sound, of playing with their emotions with the joy of music. I can’t play, though I have tried. When the vision of these images is fulfilled; the viewer will hear, feel, and respond to the music being played. I like that.